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Global citizenship in action at UCL

15 August 2014

A delegation led by the Mayor of Hikari-City, Japan, visited UCL to exchange ideas on global citizenship with students attending UCL's Year 11/12 Languages Summer School.

Hikari delegation visit

The group, which included 6 high school students and representatives from the Board of Education, were visiting from the home town of Japan's first Prime Minister, Hirobumi Ito, who as part of the Choshu 5 joined UCL in 1863 and went on to be known as the founding father of modern Japan.

The trip was part of a programme of events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of "New Hikari City" - a result of the union of Hikari City and Yamato Town. As well as following in the 'footsteps of Ito' with visits to City Hall, Parliament and the Japanese embassy, the group had the opportunity to meet with students attending UCL's 2014 Language & Study Skills Summer School to exchange ideas on global citizenship.

Presentations from both groups gave a fascinating insight into life in Japan and the UK and the challenges global citizens face around the world, covering a wide range of topics from volunteering and conservation to what makes a true global city.

Anne Moore, from the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (UCL CLIE) said:

"Both groups hit it off straight away and took every opportunity to find out more about life in Japan and England. It was a unique chance for everyone involved to hear first-hand about the challenges we face as global citizens worldwide - both the differences and the similarities.

"All of us at UCL CLIE would like to thank UCL's potential future global citizens for taking part in this special chance to not only see UCL, but also experience and contribute to it."



  • The delegation and Summer School students in the UCL Quad including the Mayor of Hikari City, Hiroshi Ichikawa and staff from UCL CLIE, UCL Widening Participation and UCL Mechanical Engineering.