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UCL News Podcast - University Challenge & Climate Modelling

1 May 2013

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On this podcast this week we talk about the upcoming UCL Festival of the Arts and the CERN TEDx event. We also speak to two of the UCL University Challenge team about their experience of appearing on the show ahead of the final, how they prepared and what Jeremy Paxman is really like. In addition, Dr Chris Brierley (UCL Geography) tells us about his recent Nature paper. 

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Part 1 - University Challenge

This week the quiz geeks among us are very excited as UCL were in the final of the BBC 2 programme University Challenge. Before the final aired on TV we invited two of the UCL team, Tom Tyzczuk Smith (UCL Biosciences) and Adam Papaphilippopoulos (UCL Philosophy), into the podcast to talk about their experience of appearing on the show, how they prepared and what Jeremy Paxman is really like…

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Part 2 - Climate modelling

A huge pool of warm water that spanned the Tropics four million years ago suggests climate models might be too conservative in forecasting tropical changes. Dr Chris Brierley (UCL Geography), a co-author of the paper published in Nature, explains that this giant mass of water would have dramatically altered rainfall in the tropics. Its decay and the consequential drying of East Africa may have been a factor in Hominid evolution.

With greenhouse gases accelerating climate change, Dr Brierley says we cannot rule out such a future for the world with the return of uniformly warm seas in the Tropics.

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