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New UCL visual identity website and guidelines launched

22 May 2013

UCL Communications has developed a new website and a set of easy-to-use guidelines to help colleagues use the visual identity more easily.

New UCL visual identity website and guidelines launched

The new site includes advice, templates and resources and has been developed in response to a review of the visual identity, which included more than 50 hours of consultation with colleagues across the organisation sharing their views.

Neil Rodger, UCL Communications and Brand Manager, explained: "We were keen to find out what issues colleagues had with the UCL visual identity and to make it as easy as possible for people to implement it in their own work with a minimum of cost or fuss. With this in mind, the new site contains a large number of templates in a variety of styles along with advice and guidance.

"We've also developed new guidelines in response to the fact that some colleagues felt the visual identity 'rules' were overly complicated or not clearly explained. Hopefully, we've now addressed that."

UCL is a large and sometimes complex institution, which needs a consistent visual identity to avoid confusion among potential students, funding bodies, academic partners and other groups that we are trying to reach. It also helps to ensure that the work done at UCL gets the recognition it deserves.

You can access the new visual identity website at the link below. A UCL username and password is required.