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Bright Club: READING at the Bloomsbury Theatre

1 May 2013

A Scandinavia expert, a medieval historian and a bio-fuels engineer doing stand-up comedy? Welcome to Bright Club - where funny meets brains.

Bright club

Bright Club turns ten of UCL's finest researchers into comedians just for one night. They, along with three other professional comedians, will be taking over Bloomsbury Theatre once again on 9 May for a night all about reading.

This gig will also kick start the 'Something Else for the Weekend' section of the UCL Festival of the Arts.

This mix of professional comedians and witty academics started in 2009. Bright Clubs have been springing up ever since this unorthodox form of academic entertainment was born, from Belfast to Sidney.

Previous participant Dr Jason Dittmer, UCL Geography, said: "Bright Club has really forced me to think about how to communicate my research in new ways. Who knew the basement of a pub could be a more terrifying venue than an international conference full of renowned experts?"

This month's line-up includes:

  • Sarah Wiseman - human and computer interaction expert
  • Antonio Sennis - medieval historian
  • Geraldine Horan - Linguist
  • Tom Oleron Evans - plagiarism expert
  • Steve Cross - mid-ranking university administrator
  • Paul Hellier - engineer of bio-fuels
  • Andrew Pontzen - string theorist
  • Daniel Richardson - cognitive psychologist
  • Claire Thomson - expert on Scandinavia
  • Andrew Holding - organiser of Bright Club Cambridge (and also a scientist)

And the professionals:

  • Ed Gamble - as your host
  • Nathaniel Metcalfe
  • John Gordillo

This monthly event has produced audiences of over 500 and Mays' event is expected to be just as popular. Tickets are £8 plus a booking fee and are already on sale. To bag your seats for the brainiest comedy night in town follow the link (right).

Image: Previous Bright Club performer Sarah Heenan


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