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UCL Occupational Health Service: Men's Health Week 10-16 June

6 June 2013

menshealthforum.org.uk/mhw">Men's Health Forum (MHF) is a charity that provides an independent and an authoritative voice for male health in England and Wales and tackles the issues and inequalities affecting the health and well-being of men and boys. This year the Forum aims to tackle stigma in men's mental health and promote mental well-being and help-seeking in men.

MHF has long highlighted that 75% of all suicides are by men and that 73% of people who go missing are men. Mind research has found that 37% of men are feeling worried or low with the top three concerns being job security, work and money.

As well as Mental Health, Coronary Heart Disease(CHD) is the most common cause of death and premature death for men in the UK. Men are also 60% more likely than women to develop heart disease and are almost twice as likely than women to develop Angina

Five health symptoms men shouldn't ignore and Well Man Clinics

The Well man clinic specialises in medical advice, examinations and treatment specifically for men. Screening is a way to detect at an early stage signs of health problems that can prevent further problems in the future. As well as private clinics, some NHS GP surgeries offer a range of health checks as part of a well man clinic.

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