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UCL Petrie Museum hosts the Eye of Ra Festival

4 July 2013

The choir 'Gaggle' at the Eye of Ra festival ucl.ac.uk/drupal/site_news/sites/news/files/gaggle.jpg%3Fhires.jpeg" title="The choir 'Gaggle' at the Eye of Ra festival" target="_blank">

Saturday 22 June saw the UCL Petrie Museum host the Eye of Ra Festival on the Wilkins Roof Garden.

Despite the inclement weather, many came along to exorcise their demons with the help of Gaggle - an alternative all-woman choir who transformed themselves for the occasion into the daughters of the Sun-god Ra.

Attractions included the chance to make contemporary amulets to fend off misfortune, artist DJ Russ Jones playing sonic time experiments, and an opportunity to sip Black Ink cocktails as an offering to the infinite waters of Nun.

The celebrations marked the Petrie Museum Timekeeper in Residence's current installation - an improvised 3D diagram that strings together 35 different historical pictures and models of time - to be held at the museum until 2 August.

For more details and a chance to listen to podcasts from some of the conversations held between the Timekeeper and academics from across UCL, see www.astormisblowing.org