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University and College Union (UCU)

7 February 2013

Did you know that you may be eligible to join the University and College Union (UCU), the specialist trade union for academic, teaching and professional services staff at UCL? UCU is officially recognised by UCL to negotiate your pay and conditions and we can represent you if you ever need advice or have a problem at work.

Join here today: http://join.web.ucu.org.uk/l&ucl

UCU -Support and advice

UCU provides professional advice to thousands of members every year on pay, pensions, promotions, workloads, individual grievances, and health and safety. Most cases we take up are resolved amicably by our local representatives, but where more support is required our team of specialist officials and lawyers step in.

How effective are they?

Last year 10,561 new members joined UCU and we supported over 4,000 people who had been treated unfairly at work.

UCU - Supporting you

If you choose to join us, you'll find out that we provide a huge amount of additional support to our members:  providing access to training to help you develop your career (recent courses include 'voice care' and 'how to get published'); lobbying government; defending pension rights and protecting work life balance. Join online today, go to: http://join.web.ucu.org.uk/l&ucl

UCU believes every member of staff benefits from being in a trade union. If you are unsure which is the appropriate union for you to join at UCL please go to: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/ucl_trade_unions.php

Andy Young, University and College Union