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Inaugural 3D exhibition at UCL Qatar: Where Science Meets Heritage

20 February 2013

UCL Qatar has unveiled an exhibition entitled 3D Encounters: Where Science Meets Heritage, allowing the local public access to cutting edge 3D scanning technology of ancient artefacts for the first time.

The 3D interactive exhibition is one of a series of activities that UCL is involved in to increase public engagement and interest in cultural heritage and its preservation. The exhibition aptly takes place in the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture, a year of festivities to celebrate the long-standing relationship between the two countries.

The exhibition explores how 3D digital replicas of museum collections can be used to advance museum, archaeological and conservation practice. Using 3D visualisations of artefacts from UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, the exhibition offers a 360 degree view of ancient items that range from fragments of stone vessels and carved wooden hair combs to a skull on an ancient Egyptian ruler.

Professor Thilo Rehren, Director of UCL Qatar, commented: "UCL is leading the way in exploring the application of new digital technologies for the study and enjoyment of cultural heritage. Over the past five years, the Petrie Museum and UCL Department of Geomatic Engineering have worked together to examine the use of 3D imaging technologies, specifically photogrammetry and laser scanning, to make museum collections more accessible and engaging for all.

"A key objective of the UCL's research is to develop digital applications that encourage more international collaboration. High quality 3D digital replicas of museum collections can overcome geographic barriers that have limited the ability of heritage professionals from different countries to work together to better understand material heritage."

About UCL Qatar

UCL Qatar represents a unique three-way partnership between UCL, Qatar Foundation and Qatar Museums Authority, positioning Qatar as a centre of excellence in museum practice in the region and furthering the understanding of Arab and Islamic archaeology. 

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