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Consultation on the UCL Managing Sickness Absence Policy

12 December 2013

In response to the policy review requested by the HR Policy Committee (HRPC), the UCL policy for Managing Sickness Absence has been redrafted.

The primary purpose of this new policy is to support those who become unwell to return to work and provide a consistent approach to be followed where this might not be possible. To demonstrate UCL's commitment to support all employees, the policy also introduces Case Conferences to provide an opportunity for multidisciplinary input to support the employee and manager in achieving an effective solution.

In addition to changes to the Managing Sickness Absence Policy, there is a proposal for the introduction of an allowance of up to 5 days paid leave per year for women undergoing IVF treatment.  As such, some separate, draft guidance is attached. If approved, this will sit within the Policy on Leave for Domestic and Personal Reasons. 

In line with changes to the Managing Sickness Absence Policy, the Drug and Alcohol Policy has also been reviewed and reformatted for clarity, including distinct sections for employee and manager responsibilities. The language used has also been updated with a suggested change of name to 'UCL Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy'. 

These draft documents have been given approval by the Human Resources Management Advisory Group (HRMAG) and shared with colleagues from UCU, Unison and Unite through the Joint Consultative Group (JCG).

All employees and other stakeholders are now invited and encouraged to review the proposed documents and share their comments.

To participate, please visit the consultation website: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/consultation/index.php

Fiona Daffern, Head of Employment Policy Development, UCL Human Resources