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Online pre-enrolment for new UCL students

1 August 2013

Staff are advised that online pre-enrolment, which allows new students to initiate the enrolment process prior to their arrival at UCL will be available from early August 2013.


Further enhancements have been made to the service following feedback from last year where the take-up of the service was excellent.

This year, the service has been enhanced to allow new international students to book onto the International Student Orientation Programme, better handling of fees where the fee is based on modules taken, as well as other improvements.

All new students enrolling for the 2013/14 session will be contacted with instructions on how to complete this task. On completion of the task, they will be sent confirmation of their enrolment appointment. Once they are fully enrolled, they will be signposted to module registration, where appropriate.

Staff should note that there is a final deadline of 11 October 2013 in relation to the opening of session.

It is hoped that there will be a short presentation on the pre-enrolment process at a forthcoming Portico User Group. A date for this will be announced shortly.

For further information, please see the staff area of the New Students website.

If you have any questions about this service or opening of session arrangements for 2013-14 please contact newstudents@ucl.ac.uk.