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UCL emergency number reminder

11 April 2013

UCL Security would like to re-emphasise to all staff the importance of contacting the Security Control Room when an emergency situation occurs on UCL property.

The Security Control Room can be contacted on 222 (from any UCL Phone) or 020 7679 2222 (from any mobile or non-UCL Phone). We will then obtain the full details of the emergency so that all relevant parties (internal and external) can be informed.

We ask that all staff place this number in their mobile phone please.

We have recently experienced calls being made directly to the Emergency Services (from mobile phones) where we have not been informed and when they arrive they have gone to the wrong location or were delayed in attending the incident as there was no-one to meet and escort them. Valuable time can be lost if we are not prepared for the arrival of the Emergency Services even if you are making the call for all the right reasons.

If UCL Security are made aware of all emergencies then we can provide the following services:

  • We can co-ordinate an organised response & prepare for the arrival of Emergency Services.
  • We will ensure that the Emergency Services are given the correct location of the incident (UCL has many entry points/buildings and exact details such as building address/post code need to be given, which we have instant access to).

By calling UCL Security we can coordinate available response services listed below:

  • Dispatch First Aid Assistance
  • Dispatch Fire Trained personnel
  • Inform our Crime Investigators, with access to our CCTV System
  • Dispatch Forensic Responders, who can deal with crime scenes
  • Liaise with UCL Safety Services to pass on relevant information
  • Dispatch maintenance staff
  • Inform the relevant building users of the incident
  • Escalate relevant information to UCL Senior Management
  • Escalate to the Major Incident Team if necessary

We will also ensure that the incident is recorded in the UCL Report Management System (RiskNet) and that this is sent to the relevant UCL personnel.

We also need to be contacted on this number if you would like to report any of the following to us:

  • If you witness any suspicious behaviour on or near our property.
  • If you witness a crime being committed such as theft, vandalism etc.
  • If you discover property damage in any part of UCL
  • If you observe (or are involved in) a Lift Trapping. All lifts should have active alarm buttons but please report via phone to ensure assistance is on its way
  • Any other incident which you feel Security need to be informed of immediately

Please note that emergencies which require attendance from the Emergency Services that occur outside UCL Premises e.g. Gower Street, Queen Square, Torrington Place etc. would require you to call 999 direct, but if unsure we are more than happy to advise and assist.

For all non-emergency security calls please call us 24/7 on 020 7679 2108.

You can now also follow us on Twitter @UCLSecurity.

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