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Spotlight on Simon Collins

12 April 2013

This week the spotlight is on Simon Collins, Education Developer and Coordinator, UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

Simon Collins

What is your role and what does it involve?

I am the Education Developer and Coordinator for the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. My role focuses on developing the faculty's model of academic engagement with three key partners; the UCL Academy in Camden, ELUTec (a UCL-sponsored University Technical College in Dagenham) and the educational charity Generating Genius - all of which have STEM specialisms.

I am responsible for coordinating the faculty's support for these partners and developing innovative programmes that will inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and technologists.

How long have you been at UCL and what was your previous role?

I began working at UCL in mid-February. My previous role was Centre Manager at an education charity called IntoUniversity. In partnership with universities across the country, IntoUniversity works with young people from low-income backgrounds to help them get places at top universities.

What working achievement or initiative are you most proud of?

It's early days yet but I have already devised a programme of exciting work experience opportunities across a number of departments within UCL Engineering.

In addition to this, I am responsible for the marketing and student recruitment for ELUTec, which will result in 320 students starting at the University Technical College in September 2014.

UCL Engineering recognises that inspiring the next generation is an essential part of our job as a university and I am incredibly proud to be part of this. We work with a number of partner organisations to introduce young people to the idea of using science and ideas to solve problems.

It's particularly important to us that people from all backgrounds get to experience what engineering is about - we need diverse viewpoints and ideas to change the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you might get involved in UCL Engineering's schools engagement work, please contact me by emailing simon.collins@ucl.ac.uk.

What is your life like outside UCL?

I am a keen guitarist and have been in a few bands over the years.

Having recently moved back to London and reunited with former band mates, we are in the process of writing new material and hope to make it to the studio for recording soon.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking photos and I have a stockpile of cameras from the 70s and 80s that keep me occupied for days on end.

Life outside UCL is busy, but luckily I've managed to find time to learn to jive as well!