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Construction begins on UCL MakeSpace

6 September 2012

Construction has begun on UCL MakeSpace - an accessible workshop for all staff, students and alumni.


The new facility will form part of the UCL Institute of Making - a multi-disciplinary research club which aims to raise the profile of materials and making both in academia and the world at large.

Located in the former service bay on Malet Place, MakeSpace will contain machine and hand tools, an oven, a kiln and sewing machines, as well as housing the Institute's Materials Library. The library contains a collection of hundreds of different materials ranging from the lightest solid on Earth to a metal that can remember its original shape.

The UCL Institute of Making will be based within the Engineering Faculty. Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Dean of UCL Engineering, said: "The MakeSpace is a place for the UCL community to work on projects, solve problems, reconnect with a love of working with their hands, and for serendipitous discovery through the process of making."

The MakeSpace is scheduled to open in January 2013, in the meantime the Institute of Making are running a series of outdoor events for anyone looking to get involved.

Image: How The UCL Institute of Making will look

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