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UCL News podcast: Dragon's Den & London in the Age of Jazz

26 October 2012

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As well as news from around UCL, this week we hear from UCL PhD student Art Stavenka who recently appeared on the BBC programme Dragons Den with his start up business Old Bond London. And we also hear about a new art exhibition run by UCL's Equiano Centre aims to uncover the diverse histories of the capital's Black and Asian populations during the 1920s and 30s.

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Part 1 - News

This week Sarah Cheney, from UCL's Public Engagement Unit, joins us on the podcast to talk about their new event Focus on the Positive, which puts university funds into the hands of a live audience. We also catch up with some new UCL research into the benefits of personalised hand washing plans in hospitals. Finally, we round up some of the work that the UCL community has been doing to promote women in science, including a Wikipedia edit-a-thon and the Science Grrl Calendar 2013.

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Part 2 - UCL student entrepreneur on Dragon's Den

UCL PhD student Art Stavenka recently pitched his business Old Bond London on the hit BBC TV programme Dragon's Den. He talks to Henry Rummins about his experience on the programme, the challenges of managing a start-up business, and the support he's received from UCL Advances.

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Part 3 - London in the Age of Jazz

The UCL Equiano Centre's Drawing over the Colour Line project, aims to look at the experience and identities of black people in Britain during the inter-war period by exploring their relationship with the art world. We hear from Caroline Bressey and Gemma Romain (UCL Geography) about works of art they've unearthed and what they tell us about black and Asian communities in London in the 20s and 30s.

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