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Bowel cancer research call

31 October 2012

The Health Behaviour Research Centre is looking for participants to help with the design of bowel cancer screening information.

If you are aged between 45 and 54 years then you would be eligible to take part and your time would be very much appreciated. Your assistance may help improve how bowel cancer is screened for in the future and you would be reimbursed for your time and any travel expenses (£20).

There are several tests that can be used for screening, and the researchers are setting up a national study to find out people's opinions on each of them in order to find out which would be preferred.

They are designing leaflets that describe the tests and would like to find out what people think as they read through them so they can make the information as useful as possible.

If you were to take part, you would be asked to read two of these leaflets out loud and say what you are thinking at certain times. This would take no more than 45 minutes.

If you are interested in helping, please email Alex Ghanouni or telephone on 020 7679 1613 for further information.

Alex Ghanouni, UCL Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health