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Watch: US Presidential Election 2012 reaction

8 November 2012

After months of polling, debate and excitement, Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the USA.

Here is the considered reaction of two important members of the UCL community:

Professor Iwan Morgan (UCL Institute of the Americas), who is a world-expert on the US presidency, explains why Obama won and warns of more problems to come for the Republican Party.  Professor Morgan has co-edited a book on the party tensions during Obama's first term entitled Broken Government? American Politics in the Obama Era.

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Beatrice Kelly, a second-year History of Art student and President of the UCLU American Society, who is a registered Democrat from Maryland, describes the buzz of her first election as a voter and her hopes for the next four years.

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There is more from both Beatrice and Professor Morgan, as well as many more stories from around UCL, in the latest UCL News Podcast:

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