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UCL Research Frontiers Contest results

6 November 2012

The results of the UCL Research Frontiers contest have been announced, celebrating the fact that curiosity-driven discovery and analysis has been a feature of UCL from its foundation.

UCL staff, students and alumni were invited by the Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research) to submit works reflecting on individuals, groups or units associated with UCL from 1826 to the present day that have exemplified the curiosity-driven, cross-disciplinary, pioneering nature of the activity we seek to generate through UCL Research Frontiers.

Prize-winning entries by the following contest entrants can be downloaded from the UCL Research Frontiers website:

  • Stephen Cox (UCL Chemistry) and Prof Angelo Michaelides (London Centre for Nanotechnology) - Discovering the Noble Gases: a story of a chemistry superhero
  • Dr Pok Lam Fung (UCL Eastman Dental Institute) - Phosphorus necrosis unravelled and phossyjaw.wordpress.com
  • Sara Wingate Gray (UCL Information Studies) - The Unsung Librarian: Ronald Staveley at UCL
  • Prof Gerta Vrbova (UCL Biosciences) - A.V. Hill's contribution to UCL's standing in science and society
  • Prof Roger Wotton (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) - An imaginary interview between a New Academic and E Ray Lankester, Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at UCL from 1875-1890.