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UCL News podcast: Bletchley Park, Flaxman Galleries and Captain America

23 November 2012

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In the news section this week we are joined by a very special guest, Dr Sue Black (UCL Computer Science), who campaigned from 2008 to 2011 to save Bletchley Park and was instrumental in the campaign to secure the Turing papers for the nation.  We also showcase the opening of exciting new exhibition space at UCL, the Octagon and Flaxman galleries. Lastly, George catches up with Dr Jason Dittmer (UCL Geography) to talk about his new book about nationalist superheroes and their relationship to geopolitics.

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Part 1 - News

We're very lucky to have twitter celebrity Dr Sue Black with us this week, speaking about her campaign to save Bletchley Park, and her work to promote equality for women in the technology industry. Dr Black is currently crowd funding the publication of a new book about the Bletchley Pr campaign and she joins us in the podcast to tell us more. There's also news of the London for Free film competition we're running in collaboration with Raindance Film, and we also discuss new research which suggests that happy teenagers earn more as adults.

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Part 2 - Flaxman and Octagon Galleries

The refurbished Flaxman gallery and brand new Octagon gallery open this week. The space has undergone a radical transformation with new cases, animations and interactive screens to displayed items from UCL's collection that have never been displayed before. We catch up with Sally MacDonald and Nina Pearlman (UCL Museums & Public Engagement) to find out more.

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Part 3 - Captain America and the nationalist superhero

And to round of this week's podcast George interviews Dr Jason Dittmer from UCL Geography about nationalist superheros like Captain America, and how the narratives, metaphors and geopolitics have changed since its introduction 70 years ago. Jason's new book about the subject is published this week - not to be missed!

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London for Free film competition
Octagon & Flaxman Galleries
Dr Sue Black
Dr Jason Dittmer