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Submit your requests for software to support your teaching in 2012/13

4 May 2012

Do you need any specialist software in the student cluster rooms to support your teaching programme, for the start of the new academic year? We are now looking at what new software needs to be on Myriad in student Cluster rooms for the 2012/2013 teaching session.

ISD If the software you require is not on the pre-approved list for Myriad, or is currently only running on Cluster WTS, you will need to fill out a form for software that you need. The deadline for the receipt of requests for consideration is Monday 21st May 2012.

Unfortunately we can only upgrade existing software or add new software where it is genuinely needed to support a teaching programme.

Can I ask for software to be updated on Cluster WTS?

Cluster WTS is an older technology which has reached capacity and this means we have had to freeze the applications available on this service. We are in the process of delivering a more modern replacement for Cluster WTS which will not have this restriction but that is not ready yet. Because Cluster WTS has been frozen, we recommend that if you teach using software that is only available on Cluster WTS, and your software needs to be upgraded, then we suggest you submit a request for the new version of the software to be added to Myriad instead. 

Which software has already been approved for Myriad?

You can view online a list of software that has been pre-approved and will be on the service for the next academic year.  You do not need to request any software on the pre-approved list. If you can't see the software you need for next year on this list or on the Myriad software list, then please ensure you fill out a software request form.  This applies to any new software, including free or locally written applications or software that is on Cluster WTS but not on Myriad.

When is the deadline for submitting requests?

The deadline is Monday 21st May 2012.

Requests submitted after this date may not leave adequate time for technical evaluation to take place before the beginning of next session. You therefore cannot expect software requested after the 21st May to be made available for the next teaching year (starting in October). It is very important this year to give a date when you will start teaching with the software.

How do I request software?

Information about how to request additional software and inclusion on Myriad can be found online, along with the formal proposal form for submitting requests.  

When a request is received on time, the product will be assessed to see if it is technically possible to install on Myriad. Applications that are installed on Myriad will only be available in Myriad Cluster rooms, they will not be available on Cluster WTS.

Once you have submitted your request, we aim to contact you within a week.

How can I get more help?

If you have any queries please contact: isd-software-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk or call extension 51600.

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