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Professor Ray Dolan gives the prestigious Alan Turing Lecture

2 March 2012

Professor Ray Dolan, Director of Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, last month gave the prestigious IET/BCS Alan Turing Lecture for 2012.

The lecture was entitled "From cryptanalysis to cognitive neuroscience - a hidden legacy of Alan Turing." 2012 marked 100 years since the birth of Alan Turing.

In another connection with Queen Square (home of UCL Institute of Neurology, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging): in 1949 the neurophysiologist John A V Bates (Neurological Research Unit at the National Hospital Queen Square from 1946-1978), invited Turing to join an interdisciplinary dining club, known as the Ratio Club. The club was the most intellectually powerful and influential cybernetics grouping in the UK, and many of its members went on to become extremely prominent scientists.


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