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ISD services unavailable: 5pm, Friday 13 April - 9am, Monday 16 April

30 March 2012

All services should be considered 'at risk' and some services will be unavailable from 5pm on Friday 13 April until 9am, Monday 16 April.

ISD During this period essential 5 year electrical testing will be carried out in the Wolfson House Data Centres.

The services listed below will be unavailable for the duration and should be considered 'at risk' until 12pm, Monday 16th April:

  • IMAP and Squirrel email: Local email delivery for ucl.ac.uk will be turned off, this includes IMAP and webmail. NB: Email to live@ucl and departmental email servers will NOT be affected.
  • Cluster WTS: Accessed via Myriad in all Computer workrooms. NB: Myriad will still be available.
  • Remote Access WTS: Used to access WTS services from outside UCL.
  • Departmental WTS: Access restricted by IP address.
  • Printing: including Myriad, Cluster, Staff WTS 2000 & Staff WTS 2010
  • NVivo: Statistical package
  • UCL Dropbox: Drop off and pick up facilities will be unavailable.
  • Staff Directory: UCL staff directory list will be unavailable.
  • MyAccount/Password resetting: Password changes will queue but will not take effect during the outage.
  • Unix timesharing services: Socrates, Plato, and UNIX applications on WTS will be unavailable.
  • Unix filestore: Access to the T: drive will be unavailable.
  • Personal web pages: Personal webpages will be unavailable to view or edit. For example: www.ucl.ac.uk/~ccaawww
  • IRIS: (Institutional Research Information Service)
  • Softforge: UCL Advances web server

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