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ISD service outage: 9am-6pm, Saturday 24 March

15 March 2012

A range of Information Systems Division (ISD) services will be unavailable from 9am to 6pm on Saturday 24 March and should be considered 'at risk' until 8pm on Sunday 25 March.

ISD During this period ISD will be making changes to improve the availability of our systems.
  • IMAP and Squirrel email: Local email delivery for ucl.ac.uk will be turned off, this includes IMAP and webmail.

   NB: Email to live@uclusers and departmental email servers will NOT be affected.

  • Web: It will not be possible to make changes to the UCL webpages during the outage. This will not affect the ability to view these pages.
  • Silva: Editing of all Silva websites will be unavailable during the outage.  This will not affect the ability to view these sites.
  • Personal web pages: Personal webpages will be unavailable to view or edit. For example: www.ucl.ac.uk/~ccaawww
  • UCL Dropbox: Drop off and pick up facilities will be unavailable.
  • Staff Directory: UCL staff directory list will be unavailable.
  • MyAccount/Password resetting: Password changes will queue but will not run during the outage.
  • Unix timesharing services: Socrates-a/b, Plato-a/b will be unavailable.

Any cancellations/changes will be displayed on the ISD Service News page: www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/news/isd-news

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