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UCL News podcast: Royal Society summer science exhibition

7 June 2012

The UCL News podcast gives you the opportunity to listen to the latest news and research from around UCL every fortnight.

podcast Split up into three parts, you can either listen to the podcast all in one go, or save features for later listening. 

On this podcast we have a selection of the most recent UCL headlines, along with student sabbatical officers James Skuse and Amy Evans talking about their year at the UCL Union, and Matt Piper and Sophie Scott telling us what they have lined up for this year's Royal Society's summer science exhibition. 

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Part 1 - News

With climate change of increasing concern, we look at two recent stories about the impact of the changing environment on cities both modern and ancient. Firstly, a study from Dr Dorian Fuller (UCL institute of Archaeology) has shown that Climate change led to the collapse of the ancient Indus civilization more than 4,000 years ago. Keeping with the climate change connection, we also talk about a new UCL/Lancet Healthy Cities report that looks at how we can change modern cities around the world to improve our health.

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Part 2 - A year in the life of a UCLU Student Sabbatical Officer

The student union has always played a massive role at UCL, and the student sabbatical officers are a very important part of that. With new officers already elected and about to start, we went to speak to James Skuse and Amy Evans to find out more about what it's like to be a full time sabbatical officer as their one year stint comes to an end. 

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Part 3 - Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Finally, we talk to Dr Matt Piper (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) and Professor Sophie Scott (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) about what they plan to showcase at this year's Royal Society Sumer Science Exhibition, which runs from 3 July - 8 July at Carlton House Terrace. 

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UCL/Lancet Healthy Cities report
Dr Matt Piper
Professor Sophie Scott
Royal Society summer science exhibition