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Annual fire drill report

19 January 2012

UCL has a legal duty under the Fire Safety Order 2005 to carry out at least one monitored fire evacuation drill per year.

Quad An individual report is produced for each fire drill detailing time taken to evacuate and overall impressions, and areas for improvements.

These records are displayed primarily for Department managers, safety staff and Fire Evacuation Marshals (FEMs) to view at the fire safety fire risk assessment website.

Fire evacuation drills are carried out as part of a training process, so that Heads of Departments, individuals and new students are aware of the UCL procedures in the event of fire evacuation. 

Fire Drills are undertaken in October of each year as part of the student familiarisation process at the start of term; this is also to assist new students and staff.

Simon Cooke, Fire Officer, UCL Estates