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Smart IT programme - transformation of ISD structure and IT services for UCL

10 February 2012

Information Services Division's (ISD) Smart IT programme is a key part of their strategy for improving IT services at UCL and is focused on three key objectives.

  • Extending and improving IT services to supporting Research and Learning & Teaching
  • Improving and standardising common shared services
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ISD.

There is also a substantial technical transformation of ISD's services - alongside the restructuring of the ISD organisation. This technical element aims to replace much of the current technology with modern systems. In improving these IT services we will achieve £2m in efficiency savings in common and shared service which will be re-invested to improve the IT Services for Research and Learning & Teaching.

Progress to date has been achieved in the following areas:

  • ISD's organisation has been redesigned in order to simplify the structure, remove internal duplication and provide clear accountabilities. Four new departments have been created to improve our support of Teaching, Research, Administrative IT services and improve our IT project delivery. New units will also be created to work more directly with faculties and support departments to ensure IT services are effectively delivered into those areas and to ensure ISD is more responsive to customer needs.
  • The technology transformation stream has initially focussed on the rollout of the new Live@UCL service. So far all students and over 6,000 staff have moved to the new service with rest moving during 2012. The High Performance Computer - Legion - doubled in capacity early last year and there is already a project underway to introduce the next generation of Legion. Finally, work on the new PC desktop service began last year and will continue in 2012. This will replace a number of existing old services and brings in full support for Apple Macs and many other benefits.

The focus for 2012 will be to ensure the continued development of our IT services they are effective, easier to use and our operational processes are efficient.

Mike Cope, Director,  Information Services Division