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New web user experience guidelines available

1 February 2012

Towards the end of 2011, UCL Communications worked with a range of UCL website users to test their experiences of key parts of the website.

UCL website

One of the outcomes of this research was to deliver general web user experience guidelines, particularly applicable to UCL website owners, that should help to improve visitors' interaction with and understanding of the information on the sites.

The guidelines focus on website usability and accessibility, which help to ensure that users can

  • navigate around a site easily
  • find, read, and understand key information
  • access content on alternative devices (such as screenreaders, or screen magnifiers)
  • and generally achieve a site's aims without problems or frustration.

The guidelines can be used as a reference for existing website owners or those looking to develop new websites. If you would like any additional help with improving the usability of your site, or ensuring a new website has maximum usability, please contact Web Services in the Information Services Division on web-support@ucl.ac.uk

Nick Dawe, Digital Media Manager, Communications and Marketing Office