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Consultation on proposed amendments to UCL recruitment and selection policy

24 February 2012

Staff are encouraged to participate in a consultation process on proposals to amend the University's recruitment and selection policy.

The proposed amendments are intended to reaffirm the principles that underpin recruitment and selection at UCL and to facilitate waiving of the requirement to advertise certain posts in exceptional and defined circumstances.

On the website staff can access a copy of the current policy where the proposed amendments are clearly identified as well as a set of explanatory notes drafted to assist understanding the intent of the proposed amendments.

Staff can also provide feedback on the proposed amendments via the website.

Trade unions and other stakeholders will also be invited to provide feedback on the proposed amendments. Staff and stakeholders can provide feedback through until the end of the consultation period on 9 March 2012.

Feedback received will be considered and analysed on a thematic basis and the proposed policy amended as appropriate. Feedback received will be published in a summary form on the HR website with the identities of feedback providers removed.

Following consultation, the final proposed policy will be submitted to the Provost and Senior Management Team for approval along with the consultation feedback for information.

Nigel Waugh, Director of Human Resources