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New UCL coaching website for 2012-13

6 December 2012

The Organisation and Staff Development (OSD) Team is pleased to announce the launch of a

ucl.ac.uk/hr/osd/coaching/index.php" target="_self">new coaching website for 2012-13. This exciting development gives UCL staff access to a number of trained and competent coaches sourced from both inside and outside UCL. 

Coaching is provided to assist staff development by increasing confidence and motivation, to work through a range of options in relation to situations they may encounter in the workplace. .

UCL's coaches bring a broad range of experience and insight to the coaching role. Internal coaches are all employed within UCL and have attended UCL's 'The Effective Coach' Programme, a European Mentoring and Coaching Council accredited Foundation Course. They take on coaching assignments in addition to their main job roles and responsibilities at UCL.

External coaches have been selected on the basis that they have the appropriate combination of qualifications, expertise, backgrounds and experience to work with more senior staff. External coaching will attract a fee that will need to be met by the Department of staff who access external coaches. The cost of supporting internal coaches will be met by the HR Division.

The new coaching webpages have been designed to allow staff to register their interest in having an internal coach online and the coach matching process will be carried out by the OSD team. Coaching is offered to staff at all levels and across all groups of staff - academic, technical and professional services.

Senior staff interested in having an external coach can access information about external coaches and the process through the external coach webpage. The aim of the register is to offer senior staff (grade 10) support in their roles through access to highly experienced external coaches. Profiles, contact details and fees are provided on the external coaching webpage together with advice on how to choose a coach.

To read more about coaching in general, OSD has provided online coaching resources. This can be found at: https://member.goodpractice.net/ucl-desk-top-learning/resources/managing-people-and-teams/developing-team-members/coaching.gp

More information on the new UCL coaching website can be found here. If you would like to speak to a member of the OSD team about internal or external coaching or about training as a coach, please refer to our contacts page.

Cheryl Newsome

Director - HR Consultancy, Organisation and Staff Development