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Crick's Olympic science tricks

10 August 2012

The Francis Crick Institute recently organised a group of 'science buskers', including several UCL PhD students, to roam around St Pancras International Station and engage members of the public in science tricks.

Francis Crick Institute  

Science Busking involves approaching people and showing them intriguing and entertaining science demonstrations or tricks - much like street magicians. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the Crick and the strength of British science among an international audience during the London Olympics.

The UCL students involved are Rob Stanley (UCL CoMPLEX and Cell & Developmental Biology), Martin O'Reilly  (UCL CoMPLEX) and Linda Wijlaars (UCL Primary Care & Population Health).

Audiovisual content about the science busking is available below.

Audio slideshow on UCLTV:

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