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UCL and London website update

20 April 2012

UCL Communications and Marketing has updated the UCL and London website to showcase the variety of ways UCL staff and students benefit our local community and vice versa.

The new site (www.ucl.ac.uk/london) includes a new design, interactive maps, a Google Earth fly-through of London and other features aimed at encouraging website visitors to explore different case studies and gain an overview of the different strands of UCL's activity. These include:

The Olympics page highlights UCL activity in the build-up to the games. As such, it will evolve over time but currently features:

  • a calendar listing relevant events
  • related news coverage
  • a list of some of UCL's most recent Olympic athletes
  • blogposts and multimedia content to highlight the activity of UCL students.

The UCL and London site is intended to be a 'live' resource with new case studies and relevant content added as it becomes available. Ideas and submissions should be sent to john.burnett@ucl.ac.uk.