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Bartlett student blog: what heritage means to us

18 April 2012

To celebrate World Heritage Day, held on 18 April 2012, postgraduate students from the Bartlett have contributed their thoughts and images on what heritage means to them to a blog.

Cracow Old Town Square

Topics covered include sustainable heritage and climate change, the creative re-use of redundant buildings and a look at the Old Town Square in Cracow as an example of sustainable heritage.

All the contributors are studying on the MSc Sustainable Heritage and MRes Heritage Science courses at the Bartlett's Centre for Sustainable Heritage, and come from an array of backgrounds and countries.

UNESCO World Heritage Day serves to raise the public's awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it.

One of the blog contributors is Agnieszka Sadraei, who is studying for an MSc Sustainable Heritage at UCL and is from Poland.

Agnieszka chose Cracow Old Town Square as her example, saying: "Project for Public Spaces voted the Cracow Old Town Market Place the best public Square in the world. This is an example of sustainable heritage because the square is not only a tourist attraction, it retains historical diversity of complementary uses and is a place where locals meet, hang out, celebrate and shop."


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