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UCL Outreach leads student engagement with young people

27 September 2011

There are many opportunities for UCL students to get involved with Outreach work.

outreach Outreach is the term given to the work that UCL does with schools and colleges.

Many of UCL's outreach projects work specifically with pupils from under-represented groups. One of the aims is to increase the proportion of students coming to UCL from state schools, low socio-economic backgrounds and from areas with low rates of participation in higher education. Many of the pupils that the projects work with have no family history of higher education, are from non-selective state schools or are from ethnic minority backgrounds. As a result, applications from UCL students from similar backgrounds to these pupils are particularly welcome, as they can be powerful role models.

UCL students are invited and encouraged to work with the Outreach Office. It is an excellent way to develop transferable skills - such as communication, leadership and self-confidence - and to get involved in the local community. It is also an opportunity to meet UCL students from a wide range of backgrounds. The main qualities required for work in UCL's outreach projects are: enthusiasm, strong interpersonal skills, reliability and patience.

The response from the schools and colleges UCL work alongside has been very positive. Feedback from Kelmscott School, Walthamstow, said: "The Language Ambassadors were amazing, and our students really appreciated their visit. They were well prepared and I am sure will make a difference to our pupils' vision for languages."

"I was able to build a relationship with my mentee, and it was rewarding watching her develop personally and academically."

"UCL students work with our Law Support Group. Their input is invaluable and the sessions have been well-researched, interesting and helpful", explained City and Islington College's Sixth Form Centre.

Visit the UCL Outreach website below to find out more about how you can make a contribution to the UCL community.

Image: UCL Horizons ambassadors and students review their architecture project (Mobile Studio)

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