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Support the Jennifer Trust: Spinal muscular atrophy awareness day at UCL

7 September 2011

I will be holding a spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) awareness day in the south junction main area by the Andrew Huxley building in partnership with the

Maisy jtsma.org.uk/" target="_self">Jennifer Trust on 19 September 2011.

My granddaughter Maisy (pictured) is 6 months old and has SMA a rare neuromuscular disease caused by a mutation of the SMN1 gene where there is a lack of protein which effects the survival of motor neuron 1. There are 3 types, with type 1 being the worst. My granddaughter has type 1.

On 19 September we will be raising awareness of SMA and funding for the Jennifer Trust a charity that offers free information and support to anyone affected by SMA who is living in the UK. Do come along and show your support - I look forward to seeing you.

Dickie Thomas, Maintenance team, UCL Estates