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UCL Marrow: Give a spit - save a life

13 October 2011

UCL Marrow is the student branch of Anthony Nolan.

UCL Marrow They recruit healthy, young students onto the bone marrow register who might one day help save the life of someone with Leukaemia. The group are holding their first clinic of the year today in the Lewis's Building today from 12 noon until 3pm.

Chris Bricogne of UCL Marrow, explained: "There are many myths surrounding bone marrow donation which have led to a shortage of potential donors on the bone marrow register. At present, over 1,600 people in the UK are waiting for their match to join the register. This is a cause very close to home at UCL - a popular member of staff here who fell ill with leukaemia recently received a bone marrow donation. We at UCL Marrow want to provide every student with the opportunity to learn the facts about donation, join the bone marrow register and potentially save a life."

A bone marrow transplant is often the last hope for a person suffering from leukaemia or other serious blood disorders. For a successful bone marrow transplant, a very close tissue-type match is needed. UCL Marrow are therefore encouraging as many people as possible to join the register to increase the likelihood that everyone who needs a transplant can get one.

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