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UCL and Water - BLOO UCL Week

7 October 2011

10 - 14 October is BLOO UCL week, which is designed to raise awareness about water sustainability issues among the UCL community.

BLOO UCL The main event of the week is a real life scavenger hunt which takes place across the UCL campus and online.

UCL is currently connected with a number of water-related initiatives ranging from practical everyday measures, such as the dual-flush toilets introduced by UCL Estates and UCL Refectory's transition from plastic water bottles to refillable glass bottles in their corporate catering services, to groundwater and climate change research projects being carried out by UCL Geography.

Lola Pedro, who last year completed her Masters degree in Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL and is now part of BLOO Nation, explained: "BLOO UCL aims to create a hub around the broader issues of water sustainability in the UCL community by engaging staff and students and uniting water-focused programmes with academic research."

"Beyond raising awareness, one of BLOO UCL's tangible goals is to instigate access to free water drinking fountains around campus. BLOO Nation intends to work with UCL to help make the university more sustainable in its water consumption. We have close connections to Green UCL and Green Champions. We also hope to collaborate with other environmental sustainable groups. In addition to this, we are still eager to learn more about what is going on across the organisation."

To contact BLOO UCL about water-related initiatives or research, please email Lola at lolapedro@bloonation.com

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