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Occupational Health Service: boost your health this winter

20 October 2011

Healthy living is an important part of maintaining good health during winter months.

The nights are drawing in and there's a real taste of autumn in the air. Just making some small changes in your daily routine can help to boost your health.

The NHS Change for Life programme provides useful information on how you can make sustainable changes in your lifestyle. You don't have to give up everything you like, so why not 'Swap it don't stop it …' Visit the UCL Occupational Health Service to pick up leaflets and tools to help you see how easy it is to swap to healthier snacks and increase your activity, or contact ohsadmin@ucl.ac.uk to request some leaflets to display in your department.

Colds and Flu

This is also the time of year when colds and flu are more prevalent.

To prevent colds and flu spreading remember to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, dispose of the tissue and then wash your hands! Display the 'Catch it Bin it Kill it' poster to raise awareness.

Influenza vaccination

Some people including, people aged over 65, the very young, pregnant women and people with serious medical conditions, are at greater risk of complications if they develop influenza. If you fall into this priority group for influenza vaccination, you are encouraged to visit your GP.

If you do not fall into this group, then here is information on private clinics offering immunisation. This year Boots are offering UCL staff 15% discount of on 'flu vaccinations.

Angela Graneek, Head of Occupational Health Services, Human Resources