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25 Gordon Street: new social study space

13 October 2011

The new student social study space on the second floor of the UCL Union Building, 25 Gordon Street opened its doors on Monday 3 October.

Gordon Square

The construction works were carried out over the summer months to remodel the old Easy J's bar and night club into a bright and vibrant student orientated space.

The need for such a space was identified by the UCL Union in its 2010 survey of student members, in which a strong desire was expressed for a space encouraging social interaction while supporting study and learning. The project team, drawing on expertise from across the UCL community was mobilised and funding was secured via a generous grant from the Wolfson Foundation, the UCL Union and UCL.

The new space seeks to provide a setting for a variety of collaborative study and learning activities in a comfortable, friendly and fresh environment. The finishes have been designed to complement the existing building while the furniture and layouts have been chosen and developed to provide users with flexibility and choices in how they use their space.

Areas for touching down and catching up with friends, printing and accessing the UCL Network are located close to the entrance. A short stay 'Green' study area replaces the old Potato Bar and is designed to be used by those dropping in and maybe working over a quick coffee or sandwich. A larger group study area replaces the old night club space, here larger tables with screens to plug in laptops have been provided to facilitate more sustained study sessions. To provide some relief breakout spaces with sofas and beanbags are located in the corners.

It is hoped that students take ownership of their new study space and use it in ways which they feel best enhance their time on campus.

Nawed Khan, Architect, UCL Estates