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EAP webinar: embracing the ageing process

14 June 2011

This month's 60-minute Employee Assistance Programme webinar on 22 June 2011 at 12pm focuses on embracing the ageing process, with the emphasis on healthy ageing.

Employee assistance programme Visit www.eapdirect.co.uk (username: UCL password: employee) to register.

Ageing doesn't have to be about losing our youth. With age, we gain insight and maturity that can help us discover our potential. Either by way of retirement or career transition, an increasing number of older adults are pursuing life-long interests that circumstances during youth made unattainable.

Your Employee Assistance Programme is available to help you or a family member to identify ways to embrace the ageing process and make the most of those special years. Call 0800 243 458 or visit www.eapdirect.co.uk (username: UCL password: employee) for free, confidential support and resources.

Angela Graneek

Head of Occupational Health Services

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