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Bloomsbury Conference: Social Media and the Academy

7 June 2011

On 30 June, UCL Information Studies is holding the fifth annual Bloomsbury Conference.

Social Media Conference This year's event is titled Social Media and the Academy.

The conference will examine the use of social media specifically within the research process. It will also explore the relationship between the informal use of social media in scholarly discussion and the much more formal publication of research. It will also look closely at some of the tools used in social media.

These international events have concentrated on the interface between information professionals (publishers and librarians) and scholars from all disciplines in the constantly changing Internet environment.

Anthony Watkinson (UCL Information Studies) explained: "These conferences have always had emphasis on research findings and real experience rather than speculation and assumptions. This year's conference looks at how scholars use social media in the research process. Social media is a concept with uncertain bounds. For this event the keyword is collaboration. It is recognised that scholars do not work in isolation from general online behaviour. It is also clear that traditional barriers between formal and informal scholarly communication are now porous."

Full details of the conference are available at the link at the top of this page.

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