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UKCMRI planning application submitted

2 September 2010


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Plans for the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI), a new world-leading medical research institute at St Pancras and Somers Town in London, have been presented to Camden Council.

UCL is a founding partner in UKCMRI, along with the Medical Research Council (MRC), Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust.  It will carry out groundbreaking research on the basic biology underlying human health and drive forward better treatment and prevention of the most significant diseases affecting people today such as cancer and heart disease.

A planning application for the institute was submitted to the Council on 1 September. It is expected to be heard by members of the Development Control Committee before the end of the year, following a formal consultation by the Council. If approved, construction will begin next year with completion in 2015.

The application follows over two years of consultation with scientists, business leaders, politicians and planners. Furthermore, the UKCMRI team has met more than 500 local people and carried out more than 70 consultation activities.

UKCMRI aerial view

The Chair of UKCMRI, Sir David Cooksey, said: "The proposed UKCMRI institute has been carefully designed to meet future scientific demands and to respond to the architectural heritage of the local area. In addition we have modified the exterior, public areas and open spaces in response to consultation.

"UKCMRI is perfectly positioned to bring together a wealth of expertise to tackle some of the biggest challenges in beating cancers, heart disease, stroke, 'flu and neuro-degenerative diseases. It sits within the extraordinary cluster of medical and scientific expertise already found in Camden."

He added: "This is an unprecedented opportunity for UK science. New discoveries and technological advances have opened up countless opportunities to uncover fundamental causes of health and disease."

Plans for the new institute are open to view at an exhibition on the site of the proposed institute at Brill Place to the west of the St Pancras International Station. The exhibition is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one Saturday a month. For more details visit www.ukcmri.ac.uk.

We understand that Camden Council will publish the application on their website in due course.

For more details on the exhibition and project overall, visit the new website at the link above.

Images: Design on UKCMRI looking south from Midland Road and an aerial view of the proposed building

UCL context

The UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI) is an unprecedented partnership between four of the world's leading biomedical research organisations: UCL, the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust.

It will carry out research of the highest quality using the latest technology to advance understanding of human health and disease. The institute will be constructed on 3.6 acres of land at Brill Place, to the north of the British Library in the St Pancras and Somers Town area of north London.

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