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National Student Survey: your opinion matters

3 March 2010


National Student Survey logo thestudentsurvey.com/" target="_self">National Student Survey 2010

Final-year undergraduates* are asked to complete the 2010 National Student Survey (NSS) this term, the largest student survey of its kind in the world.

Now in its fifth year, the NSS is your opportunity to give feedback on the academic experience at UCL - from the learning resources available, to course teaching and academic support.

UCL received generally positive feedback from its students in the previous surveys and wants to hear your views in 2010 on the educational experience you received. We will use the results of the survey to help us improve teaching and learning for future students.

You can take part in the survey by going to the NSS website.

We hope that you will complete the survey.** It takes only five minutes and will assist future students to make their university choices as well as helping your university and student union to improve the quality of the student experience.

Thank you,

Professor Michael Worton, UCL Vice-Provost (Academic & International)

Josh Blacker, Education Officer, UCL Union

How the survey results are used

The NSS results for each institution are published on the Unistats website, which enables prospective students to access useful information regarding higher education.

By providing valuable feedback on your learning experiences, you therefore play an essential role in helping future students to make well informed decisions about their programmes and universities of choice.

The results of the NSS are also used directly at UCL to inform decision-making in the following ways:

  • The overall results are considered at senior committee level (including UCL Council and Academic Committee) and fed into discussions on future strategy.
  • Detailed results and student comments on individual subject areas are considered at faculty level and are used to inform faculties and departments of what they are doing well and of where improvements may be required.
  • The Joint Staff Student Committee (JSSC) receives the overall NSS data, which is considered alongside other student feedback data, including faculty summaries of student questionnaires and Departmental Staff Student Consultative Committee minutes. JSSC and its student representatives have a direct say in how this data is considered and, where necessary, recommend that action is taken.

UCL Union also receives the results of feedback obtained through the NSS, including comments on its own services and is able, via its representatives, to contribute to discussions in UCL committees.

* In some cases, students, particularly on programmes with a 3 or 4 year option, may be surveyed in their penultimate year.

**Please note that if you do not wish to participate in the survey, you should visit the NSS website in order to opt-out and ensure that you are not contacted further.