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UCL digital behaviour research in new BBC2 series

29 January 2010


BBC's Virtual Revolution programme bbc.co.uk/virtualrevolution/index.shtml" target="_self">BBC Virtual Revolution
  • Coverage in The Guardian
  • Research into how we behave in the virtual world will be showcased in the BBC2 series 'Virtual Revolution', starting on 30 January.

    Professor David Nicholas (Head of UCL Information Studies) has led a team based in the department's research group CIBER in conducting experiments that test whether the structure of the World Wide Web - created by Tim Berners-Lee 20 years ago - is transforming the connections in our brains.

    The research shows that under-18s who have grown up with the web are better at multi-tasking, but appear to rate speed and convenience above content, depth and understanding. However, adults behave similarly, spending little time on individual websites before being lured to others or distracted by other calls on their attention.

    Professor Nicholas himself will feature in the 20 February episode of the programme, which airs on Saturday evenings at 8:30pm.

    To find out more about this research, and watch an excerpt of the footage, follow the links above and below.

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