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Professor wins Institution of Chemical Engineers medal

15 January 2010


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  • Institution of Chemical Engineers
  • Professor Haroun Mahgerfeteh has won a prestigious medal for a paper on the feasibility of transporting captured carbon dioxide (CO2) along a pipeline.

    Professor Mahgerfeteh (UCL Chemical Engineering) won the 2009 Institution of Chemical Engineers Frank Lees Medal for the most meritorious publication on the topic of 'safety and loss prevention' in any IChemE publication, including journals, books, conference proceedings and web resources.

    His winning paper - CO2 Pipelines: The Missing Links - highlights some of the most important design and operational issues concerning the pipeline transportation of captured CO2 from fossil fuel power plants for subsequent storage under the seafloor.

    Addressing these pipeline transportation issues is widely considered to be of central importance to the success of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) as a viable means for combating the effects of global warming.

    Professor Mahgerefteh is currently helping the National Grid to establish the feasibility of using existing UK gas pipeline infrastructure for transporting captured CO2 from industrial sites and power stations to depleted North Sea gas fields for long-term storage.

    A Scottish CCS pipeline network under consideration would take CO2 from the St Fergus gas terminal in Aberdeen to old oil and gas fields off the cost of Scotland.

    Combined with other potential sites in the Humber region, this scheme could produce a carbon saving of 78m t/y of CO2 - the same as taking all of the UK's cars off the road.

    For more information about UCL Chemical Engineering follow the link above.

    Image: gas pipeline heading into the mountains

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