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First Planet U(CL) seminar on sustainability in universities

11 February 2010


Detail from Professor CJ Lim's strategy for a Canadian urban renaissance ucl.ac.uk/sustainable-cities/" target="_self">UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

Staff are invited to register for the first of the Planet U(CL): Embedding Sustainability  in Universities seminars, taking place on 24 February.

Planet U(CL): Embedding Sustainability in Universities is made up of four seminars, designed with the aim of creating a forum for broad-based debate and discussion about fostering and embedding sustainability in UCL and the wider university sector.

The seminars will focus on:

  • impacts and indicators
  • environmental governance
  • resources
  • creative campus.

A key objective of the series is to relate academic debates about deliberation and social learning, governance and environmental responsibility to university settings, leading to practical outcomes for UCL and stronger connections between members of the UCL community primarily responsible for environmental policy and strategy, as well as colleagues interested in contributing to the debate.

Seminar 1: Impacts & Indicators
24 February 2010 (lunch 1-2pm, discussion 2-5pm)

  • What is the environmental impact of the university sector - in London, in the world? How does UCL measure up? What do we use to measure impacts?
  • Offsetting in the university sector - what measures are available?
  • What targets are we working towards?
  • How do we conceive and measure environmental sustainability in the university sector?
  • How does this/how should this relate to other pillars of sustainability?
  • What are the particular challenges faced by UCL as a 'global' university?


  • Professor Paul Ekins, UCL Energy Institute
  • Andrew Grainger, UCL Estates & Facilities
  • Professor Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester

Please note that places are limited to 30.

To find out more follow the link at the top of this notice.

Image: Detail from a design strategy by Professor CJ Lim (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) to bring about an urban renaissance in the USA.