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Bentham: 'corpse and corpus'

5 February 2010


Jeremy Bentham ucl.ac.uk/Bentham-Project/" target="_self">The Bentham project
  • Lunch Hour Lectures
  • Professor Philip Schofield has spent more than 20 years studying the life and work of the English jurist, philosopher and legal and social reformer Jeremy Bentham, whose name is intimately connected to UCL.

    In this film he explodes some of myths surrounding Bentham, whose corpse still resides in UCL's South Cloisters, explains his role in the foundation of the university, and explores his remarkable life and work.

    Professor Schofield will deliver a Lunch Hour Lecture about Jeremy Bentham at UCL's Darwin Lecture Theatre on Thursday 11 February.

    For more information visit the link above.

    Image: Jeremy Bentham