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UCL staff survey action project

12 August 2010


staff survey ucl.ac.uk/hr/osd/timetable/programme/sdssap" target="_self">Details of the UCL Staff Survey action project
  • Summary of 2009 staff survey results
  • Members of UCL staff are invited to participate in the Staff Survey Action Project.

    The project aims to build on current organisational strengths, while finding ways to improve working practices and communication across the organisation.

    The scheme begins with a workshop on 20 August, which will be followed by focus groups, interviews and surveys, which will be carried out over the summer.

    Louisa Johnson (UCL Laws) is managing the scheme. She explained: "UCL is a highly successful organisation with a committed and experienced staff community working hard to make things happen. The Staff Survey Action Project aims to build on lessons learned through previous projects and engage with staff in order to establish a shared understanding of the importance of professional services across the organisation, a shared understanding of best practice and a more coordinated approach to planning and decision-making. 

    "Participation and involvement from a wide range of staff from across UCL is critical to the success of this endeavour, so we hope that the Staff Survey Action Project is of interest to staff and that people will take up this opportunity to be a part of the changes they want to see at UCL."

    For more details on the scheme and to register for the workshop, please click on the link above.