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Watch: A Crucial Difference

8 April 2010


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Jackal skulls, mice skeletons, microfossils and volcanic rocks all feature in 'A Crucial Difference', a new exhibition at UCL.

The short film below shows behind the scenes at the exhibition.

The exhibition, in UCL's North Cloisters, celebrates diversity in nature by showcasing objects from two natural history collections at UCL - the Grant Museum of Zoology and UCL Geology Collections - as part of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.

In natural history there are no duplicates - every specimen is unique. For students and researchers at UCL, the existence of several examples of the same specimen type is crucial to the way their subjects are taught and studied. For a scientific theory to be tested many samples must be collected and analysed. It is only by understanding the variation within a group that its limits can be determined, and its relationships described.

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Image: Mice skulls in the exhibition

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