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Cafe Scientifique in the Print Room Cafe

24 September 2009


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  • Cafe Scientifique
  • The Crucible Centre at UCL is running a 'café scientifique' from the Print Room Cafe on the first Thursday of every month at 6pm.

    Each month a speaker (or speakers) is invited to give a brief talk (a maximum of 20 minutes) about a scientific issue and the audience is then invited to join in informal discussion about what they have heard.

    The events are open to everyone. Future events will be advertised on the Crucible website and on the Café Scientifique website (see links above).

    Upcoming 2009 cafés

    1 October: 'Growing old disgracefully' - Professor Nick Tyler (Head of UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

    Understanding how people interact with the environment and how this might change as people age is a crucial issue for researchers into ageing. This is reflected in research into vision, hearing and cognitive issues as well as the neurology of the ageing brain.

    However, how much do we look at the 'other' side of this issue - the constructed
    environment and consider how this is an ageing issue? Maybe this could give guidance to the research agenda so that therapies and interventions can be more effective in practice as people age...

    5 November: 'Work, Retirement and Well-being' - Professor Jo Wolff (UCL Philosophy)

    3 December: Professor Geraint Rees (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience), subject to be confirmed