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Mini-lecture: Magnetricity in under four minutes

4 November 2009


Professor Steve Bramwell youtube.com/watch?v=Zh8FIK5Ik3Q" target="_self">Magnetricity mini-lecture on UCL's YouTube channel

Watch Professor Steve Bramwell (London Centre of Nanotechnology - a joint venture between UCL and Imperial) explain in under four minutes his discovery 'magnetricity'.

Magnetricity is the term for magnetic charges that behave and interact just like electric charges in some materials. His groundbreaking research could lead to a reassessment of current theories of magnetism as well as significant technological advances.

The research was published last month in Nature. Professor Bramwell said: "It is not often in the field of physics you get the chance to ask 'How do you measure something?' and then go on to prove a theory unequivocally. This is a very important step to establish that magnetic charge can flow like electric charge. It is in the early stages, but who knows what the applications of magnetricity could be in 100 years time."

Follow the link above to watch the video.

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