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Autumn Survey - UCL Student Barometer

13 November 2009

UCL would like undergraduate and postgraduate students to contribute views to the 'Student Barometer': an important survey of your experience here at UCL.

Student Barometer

The survey is run twice a year (at the beginning and end of the academic year). The results are important in helping us to identify the areas where attention is required as well as those things that we seem to be getting right!

Students who were enrolled last year may recall the Summer survey. In that survey, UCL Barometer respondents indicated that they were particularly satisfied with the expertise of our lecturing staff, the multicultural learning environment that we offer and the content of the programmes that they were pursuing.  Students expressed concerns about the cost of living and the feedback we provide them on their academic performance.

A feature of the Student Barometer is that UCL is able to compare its performance against 94 other UK and international universities that also participate, ten of which are in London. At the end of the survey, students are asked to indicate whether they would recommend their university to other students thinking of applying. In Summer 2009, over four out of five UCL students said they would, and UCL's recommendation score from our international students is still one of the highest in London.

The university appreciates just how often our students are surveyed and we have been working over the past year on how we can make even better use of the tremendous feedback you provide us. One of UCL's main committees, the Academic Committee, will be looking at the outcomes of this work.  Our aim is to ensure that student opinion plays its rightful role in shaping the future of what is your and our university.

The survey should not take long to complete. The target is less than 12 minutes. Most questions can be answered with a click, but there are also opportunities for you to add your own comments.

The survey forms part of a wider ongoing study and is independently administered for the University by the International Graduate Insight Group i-graduate.org. As a thank-you for completing the questionnaire, i-graduate again offers the opportunity to win a 1,000 pounds cash prize or suggest a 1,000 pounds donation to charity.

Please click the link below to access the questionnaire. Your views will be treated in strictest confidence and the university will not identify you from your response.

Click through to The Student Barometer

Best wishes for the year ahead from Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost (Academic and International).